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Yes we have litters planned and are starting a waiting list.  You will receive a auto reply to confirm email received.  Your first contact with us holds your spot on our waiting list.

Over the next month we will be getting caught up around the house and farm. Also web updates.
Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

KM Shelties Breeds of Show/Pet Shetland Sheepdogs
puppies and adults dogs for sale (Shelties)  
Updates as we can. Giving us time to allow puppies to grow and know whom is for show. 
Everyone has been great to work with. Thanks so much for your patience. You are all a great group of people.  
If you are looking to do performance or Confirmation with your puppy/
Dog please let me know.
All Puppies available as Pets - Required fixing. Sheltie puppies for sale!*
Member of American Shetland Sheepdog Association             
         American Kennel Club Shetland Sheepdog Breeder of Merit- The Heart of the AKC

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Thank for your patients and please check back soon and reach out with any questions

Puppy is sold

8 week old Sheltie puppy for sale

Shelties have so much love to give. and using natural products ad such a benefit to over all health. 
Had the coolest text from lady the other day. 

Kim Enjoys Selectively breeding Shelties
working hard with natural resources to support our natural health and wellness.

  Our sheltie puppies for sale, 
Requiring Litter AKC registration be processed, as well as Micro Chip with AKC reunited.  
Time of puppy pick up- ($35.00 depending on # of owners)  so chip is activated. ($16.00, I provide chip already in puppy, you just activate at time of pick up.)
 Pet Puppy prices range from
 $1800.00 to $2500.00 Require fixing 
 (Please touch base with me - We Are doing waiting list. Deposits guarantee a puppy from litter for you and your committing to Me, (Non refundable I can not back out and either can you)If we talk and I agree to take a deposit (as a contract of intent of purchase) from you, you will have a puppy from your viewing and liking!.)
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What does a vet say about Essential Oils and All Animals
Vet Webinar
Have you ever seen a animal self select an essential oil? 
 *New owners will need to 
do follow up shots as vet recommends, worming and monthly heart wormer, fix them when age appropriate to be done, (Usually between 6 month and 1 year old) normal kept safe for life of dog and puppy. Normal grooming-hair brushed- teeth cleaned-and toe nails trimmed. 

KM Sheltie puppies for sale:
have Micro chip, Dew Claws done, Dm, DMS,  Mrd1 and Vwd Clear, De-warmers and Shots UTD and Vet checked before leaving. 
Everyone is outgoing and Socialized very well. Sleep all night in crate and started potty training. Before ready for new home.

Sales Contract  
Deposits guarantee a puppy from litter for you and your committing to Me, (Non refundable I can not back out and either can you)
If we talk and I agree to take a deposit (as a contract of intent of purchase) from you, you will have a puppy from your viewing and liking!.)
Puppy training videos helpful 

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