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Our sheltie site and links are being updated. Thanks you for your patience as we update.  Kim   




Enjoy seeing our past dogs and used studs.


 Welcome to KM Shelties breeders of Quality AKC Standard shelties - Selective breeding in the works. 

Offering Shelties Puppies for sale and occasionally adult Shetland Sheepdogs. Striving for A well rounded healthy socialized Sheltie. 

Updated 7-26-2022

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 Puppies and adult dogs for sale Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties)  

Glad you're! I can not wait to hear more about you and what you have to offer for all our babies to excel in a happy active fulfilled life with you. 
After a rough accident and surgery to fix... we are back going. Working hard for our dogs lives. Web updates are happening as we can.

Dogs are always seen before any hold is required. Always appreciate everyone open and upfront knowledge. We do Love to show our dogs to you. However with Covid we are being cautious. See below for Covid updates and puppy page details.

We live by beautiful Ludington Michigan 1 hour north of Muskegon about an hour and south of Traverse City just a little over a hour. We strive for only the best quality Shelties as we strive to only improve our bloodlines over the years. Pure AKC registered Shetland Sheepdogs. We do our best to provide puppies that are socialized and work in progress for crate potty training, Sleep all night in crate before leaving. We have had success in the show ring with our biggest show winner KM’s shaken Mona Lisa as a Grand champion AKC and UKC. We are always looking for people who are looking to show or do some sort of confirmation with there dog. Our dogs have good moving body’s and stable personalities that love people. They are full of good fluffy coats and always healthy. Feel free to browse are website for current dogs and puppies. Also feel free to look at past litters on YouTube by typing in KM Shelties in the search engine. Enjoy! And thank you! 
  You are all a great group of people. 
  If you are looking to do performance or Confirmation with your puppy/Dog please let me know. 

All Puppies available as Pets - Required fixing. Sheltie puppies for sale!* 

Member of American Shetland Sheepdog Association                   American Kennel Club Shetland Sheepdog Breeder of Merit- With AKC

We have found holistic and healthy practices. To provide the best options for our dogs,  natural support incorporate into our and our beautiful dogs lives. very happy with results.  Invite you to reach out to us to find that better quality of life with your looking for.

 Selectively Breeding Shelties since 1993
Selective Breeding in the works -Always 
Working hard with natural resources to support our natural health and wellness holistically. Giving our dogs a head start to thrive!
“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of deliberate, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”

It is a great highlight, keeping in touch with our puppy/dog owners, especially photos of them older then a year to see how they matured.  With you is the Only way to know what we are producing. 

  All Our sheltie and 
puppies for sale, 
Requiring Litter AKC registration be processed. 

Breeding Quality Sheltie puppies Blue Merle, Bi-Blue, Bi-Black Tri and Sable  

Holistic - Culture Raised puppies

Ruby/Stoney 09 

Ginger/Stoney Jan 09 

Emmie / Hajji Babies 3 weeks and half old photos. Quality shelties puppies 

extra pic w/ youtube video

KM Shelties- Breeder of Show/Pet Shetland Sheepdogs
puppies and adult dogs for sale (Shelties)  
We will be providing updates as we can. Give us some time to allow puppies to grow and know which ones will be for show. 
Everyone has been great to work with. Thanks so much for your patience. You are all a great group of people.  
If you are looking to do performance or Confirmation with your puppy/
Dog please let me know.
All Puppies available as Pets - Required fixing. Sheltie puppies for sale!*
         American Kennel Club Shetland Sheepdog 

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