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Business minded high standard - couples or individuals are invited.
 Self employed or worker? 

Retirement plan, pension or nothing? 

Which do you want to be?
 Those who are willing to learn a system, humble to help others, want to change people lives, physically and financially and WILLING to put the 💪🏼hard work upfront so they can have income while sleep down the road for 
 ✅vacation - 
 ✅supplementing income…
 You’re invited to learn more by zoom or lunch and learn 
 ▶️my house Scottville area for brunch and learn training.
 Cost is $10.00 in person $5.00 zoom to reserve your spot. (Those willing to invest show up and follow through)
 This Saturday August 26th - noon til 3pm training. 
 Brunch and product experience @ 11am
 3pm fresh peach cobble served. More product experience. 
 Watch video to learn more.
 We have room for only 3 couples or 6 individuals.
 My husband and I need help, we have too many people trying to care for but only from committed and Capable people willing to do the hard steps and stick with it. Is this you?
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To be a part of Tim and Kim team and change lives. 
Brunch and learn option of zoom.

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Looking forward to seeing and meeting you!

Tim and Kim

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