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Wellness Workshop

 -Empowering you for greater health 
  -Leave Feeling Refreshed!

Evaluate – 
Educate – 
Experience how oils help - 
Set plan just for YOU -

Learn more about your current stressors. Leave feeling BETTER. When we know better we can do Better!

After 15 years of  great pain,  Tim and Kim have helped give me so much pain control. -   
-Now with adding biometric scan -I am able to make some GREAT protocols that I need, doing a scan monthly helps me keep on top of everything! With the support and resources Kim helps shares, You will be empowered"  
- Amanda
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find out your current 

Stressors in your body

  • Immune systems 
  •  Challenges
  • Environmental Toxins
  • Specific Organ/Systems

"Change your health!
 GRAB your spot - you will be so Glad You Did"! - Amanda
  Meet me and hear more about my Lyme's disease story on upcoming workshop events!

 What do people have to say about their Essential Oil Technique :

 " I can not believe the difference in how I feel after my essential oil technique." K.S.

 "It is a wonderful experience, Like it takes all the stress away, relaxes every part of me, I hate my feet touched, but with this technique that was no issue at all. You have to experience and support your health." Bobbie H.

           T.P.- "Kim did such a great job, put me right to sleep. Like all my anxiety has melted away. Even afterward I could handle the many stressors thrown my way. This is a must to have your life" 

Mike said  "Can we do this everyday?" (-who suffers from PTSD -) 

"I had been doing heavy lifting, normally next day things are pretty tight and rough moving.  The EO Touch Technique gave me such restful sleep and made my next day so beautiful.  Like my stress was melted away"  States K.P.

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First Friday and Sat of each month.